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Are you and your partner/spouse stuck in a revolving argument? Are you uncertain about whether your relationship is working for you? Want to figure out what your relationship needs are and how to express them and get them met? Couples therapy is a place to address all of this and more.  

Quite often couples seek out counseling when their relationship troubles have reached their peak and realize that their relationship can no longer endure the emotional turmoil. It is at this cross roads that couples counseling is beneficial to those interested in improving their relationships. At this time you may find yourself asking a few of these questions:

  • Will our relationship last?

  • Where do we go from here?

  • How can I trust them after this?

  • Should we get a divorce?

  • Will I ever love them the same again?


I have experience with a diverse range of couples from various racial, ethnic, spiritual and sexual orientation backgrounds. Couples can be married or dating. In working with couples, I determine what approach will be best for their situation.  With specialized techniques, I equip couples with the skills to address:

  • Problem Solving

  • Financial Disagreements

  • Infidelity

  • Trust Concerns

  • Intimacy

  • Fighting Fair

  • Premarital Concerns

  • And Overall Effective Communication

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